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Hi! I am Madeleine, a medical student at The University of Melbourne. I joined MUGHS in my first year as part of the Education team and have been a part of it ever since. I believe it is important to learn about global health at an early stage in our careers, so that we can understand the issues, the gaps that need to be filled and the problems that need to be solved. Every career pathway can be integrated into global health in some way, and we can all make a difference! MUGHS is all about introducing current global health issues to students in a comprehensive way, with our 4 Step Plan, to give you the skills and inspiration to create change. My personal interest in global health stems from my medical studies, where we learn lots about human physiology but less about the complex issues that determine health! I hope to be involved in global health programs in the future as a doctor.


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Hi! I am Cherie, a medical student from the University of Melbourne. Being previously involved with the Community Based Health Project, I was truly amazed and inspired by all the educational workshops our team has created and participated in over the years. While CBHP has come to an end, Aaron and I strongly believe that this spirit should continue as a new and separate organisation that focuses on the strengths of what we, the students, traditionally have - that is: delivering workshops and running awareness events. Our vision is to provide students from all disciplines a platform to improve engagement and understanding of current health issues around the world. In addition, we hope to provide opportunities to put these thoughts into actions by volunteering with our local communities. I look forward to all the possibilities that come with MUGHS and our potential to make a difference, however small, together.



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Jana Mari Dela Cruz
Former Outreach Leader

Hi! I'm Jana, a third year Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne with aspirations of entering medicine! I've always been passionate on tackling issues of inequality and enjoy being in the service of others in order to provide the proper care and relief for their health and wellbeing. The team and values of MUGHS really encapsulates all that I am passionate about and this is why I decided to join the team! I was, and still am, grateful for finding like-minded individuals who advocate for pertinent global health issues. With my new role this year, I hope to bring new and exhilarating ideas to the table as well as to become more connected with the local community and give back as a member of Outreach. I aim to continue and propagate discussions on all aspects of global health, and hope to empower fellow students to do the same!

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