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MUGHS has an enduring connection and relationship with Nossal High School. Our Education team works closely with the Nossal students and the teaching team to bring global health issues to the forefront of student’s minds.

We aim to empower students with a deeper knowledge and understanding of health and social injustices around the world, so they can make the impact they want to see in the world. Our Nossal workshops allow year 9 and 10 students to learn about global health in a fun and interactive manner. We believe students have great capacity now and into the future to think critically about the problems the world faces and actively participate in global discourse surrounding these issues.



Some activities organized by the Nossal team:


‘Global Hunger Games’ involves teams of students making up different countries. Students are placed into an international goods trading scenario with modifiers like gender inequality, economic crisis that seek to mimic topical issues facing the world. Students will learn about the systems, politics and realities of global food systems across the world.


In the ‘Gender Equity’ workshop, students are grouped into teams representing a male or female of a different country. They answer a series of open-ended and multiple-choice questions related to social and health inequalities and points are earned if answered correctly. The aim of this workshop is to prompt students to participate in open discussions about gender inequity and the effect it has on our society.

The Nossal team also helps to support the MUGHS club at Nossal High School led by the students themselves. The team organises and runs creative fundraising activities such as ‘Nossal’s Got Talent’ and Tea Bar  to mobilise the Nossal community as a powerful agent of change. In the process of spreading awareness of global health issues the students develop  excellent teamwork and leadership skills, whilst working towards deeply meaningful and impactful goals.

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