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Mental Health

Mental health is a fundamental human right and exists along a complex continuum meaning the experience of it varies from an individual, community and population level.


How can we approach this issue and contribute to raising awareness in a post-pandemic world?

 "We are in a global era, and global mental health has made a relatively late entry into this field. It substantially lags behind global health and behind many other sciences and technologies." - Javier I. Escobar, 2015


Step 1: Mental Health on a Global scale Workshop
(5pm, 1st of May)

An interactive workshop written by our very own Education Team, which aims to give insight into the influence of culture on mental health around the world. 


Students have the opportunity to discuss their experiences and gain a deeper understanding of mental health in different areas of the world through activities facilitated by MUGHS members.


Step 2: Mental Health with a Global Focus: Panel Event
(5pm, 7th May)

The panel event will delve deeper into the topic of Mental health across the world. Attendees will gain valuable insights from speakers of our own local community organisations.

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Step 3: Volunteering opportunity in Semester 2.

Info TBA

Step 3 at MUGHS usually provides students an opportunity to serve their wider community in line with the theme of the year (in this case Mental Health).

Pictured on left: Step 3 MUGHS in 2023

Step 4: Fundraising event in Semester 2.

Info TBA

Step 4 at MUGHS involves a fundraiser where students can support a Mental Health organisation by providing financially at a fundraiser we will run.

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