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Extending on the mission of the Education team, the Outreach team believes that in order to fully allow students a deeper understanding of global health issues, it is imperative to include the efforts of organizations within our community who share the same passion in tackling these same issues that impact members of our society.


The Outreach team is all about student engagement. We play a pivotal role in MUGHS’ communication outward as well as ensuring our team is well supported and funded. We also work closely with local partner organizations — by arranging workshops for them, participating with them in volunteering opportunities, and holding fundraising events — so that we can deliver a scope of opportunities for students to challenge themselves and advocate for global health issues.


Outreach arranges activities for steps 2, 3, and 4 of the Four Step Action Plan - where a strong emphasis on working with local community organizations is integral in achieving the MUGHS vision.

Audience and Lecturer
Helping Hands
Volunteer Group


Outreach organises workshops for our partner organisations. In these workshops, partner organisations are given the opportunity to share their experiences, ideas and inspirations as well as about their impact on creating change within our communities and their plans towards the future. This enables students to develop an understanding of global health issues through a different lens and become more connected with the local community.


To further drive their understanding of these issues, students are given the opportunity to join these partner organizations in volunteering excursions organized by Outreach – these can include participating in soup kitchens, care package deliveries, or connecting with members of the community affected by these issues. This allows students to integrate their learning from the workshops with action and also grants them a unique hands-on experience in working with, and serving the community.


As these local organizations are central to our shared wish in tackling global health issues within our communities, we believe it is vital for them to be able to continue their efforts. Thus, by hosting fundraising events for our partner organizations, we hope to contribute to their pursuit of global health equity whilst allowing students to raise awareness on these issues and advocate for global health within the university community.


To ensure the smooth execution of our aims, Outreach is divided into three subgroups: Promotion & Communications, Sponsors & Partnerships, and finally Events. Each subgroup plays an integral and unique role in ensuring Outreach opportunities for students are exciting and empowering.

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.  It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."

Kahlil Gibran

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